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Wednesday 24 July 2019
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Heartbroken woman cries for dead calf

Wants calf exhumed for DNA test

Pasea mother of three, Lisa Sammy’s hope of being reunited with her stolen pet calf named Gymbo was dashed on Monday when she learnt that the animal died while in the custody of the man who purportedly purchased the calf under questionable circumstances.

Gymbo reportedly died last week Monday but Sammy was only informed of his demise earlier this week.

The distraught woman remains adamant that she is not willing to let the matter die a natural death and is looking at the possibility of having the calf exhumed so that a DNA test could be carried out to prove that Gymbo belonged to her.

Sammy’s worries started on March 26, around 3.30 am when the calf was stolen from the pen behind her home.

The animal was extremely close to Sammy and her three children and they considered him as part of their family.

Sammy and her children were inconsolable when they discovered Gymbo was stolen, and a report was made to the Tunapuna police and the Praedial Larceny Squad.

The theft of Gymbo was featured in a Newsday story and an anonymous tip resulted in Sammy finding Gymbo in a pen at St Helena.

Sammy asked the person in possession of Gymbo about the animal and was told that the calf was purchased a few days earlier.

The new owner could not produce any receipt of purchase and Sammy insisted that the calf in the man’s pen was in fact Gymbo.

Officers of the Praedial Squad reportedly failed to impound the animal pending further investigations and opted to leave the calf in the care of the man who said he was the owner.

Sammy continued to wait, hope and pray for news on the outcome of the investigation and was assured by a corporal of the Praedial Squad that the animal was doing fine and was in good health.

However, on Monday when she called the Praedial Larceny Squad for an update she was told the dreaded news that Gymbo had died since last week Monday and she began sobbing uncontrollably.

Yesterday Sammy said: “Why was this information hidden from me? I do not know if Gymbo is dead or alive, if these people are hiding information from me, I will not let it rest”. She said she intends to report the matter to the Police Complaints Authority and will be seeking advice if she could get permission to have the carcass exhumed so that a DNA test could be carried out.

Sammy said Gymbo’s parents live in Chaguanas and “I am sure blood samples could be taken from them to have the DNA carried out”.

She said “I am willing to pay for that test because Gymbo did not deserve to die.

All I ever wanted was to be reunited with him so that happiness could be restored to my home, but now that he is no more I will not let his death go in vain.”

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