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Saturday 21 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

The land of recycled politicians

THE EDITOR: You can shuffle the pack but if you have only jokers you cannot even play go-to-pack. If I have my way I will send all politicians on sabbatical and let TT run on auto-pilot. The more deserving ministers will be given one-way tickets to Timbuktu.

Former minister of sport Darryl Smith had it coming. He had lost the focus of his portfolio; become too expensive for the job and too big for his clothes. The mark finally buss that he was taking too many sporting chances. The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs is now poorer by $150,000 plus $92,000 and hopefully the only saving grace for the athletes can be found in the new National Sports Policy.

Welcome Shamfa Cudjoe to the ministry of hop-scotch. She look as green as some of the playing fields in the rainy season. Her first duty will be to laundry the dirty linen left by her predecessor. Then is she going to reinvent the wheel in local sports? I hope she has a strategic plan to profitably manage the billion of dollars in sport assets. Can she take TT down the road to sports tourism?

I am willing to share some ideas with any pair of listening ears if Cudjoe is unable to get a top-class adviser. If God saved the queen then surely he will help Cudjoe.

Minister Marlene McDonald has always been clamouring for promotion from tailender to opener. She has a reputation for getting run out trying to take short, quick singles. Maxie Cuffie is watching and hoping she can “up” the lagging run rate.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley opting to do more is really further demoting himself. Our real prime minister, Colm Imbert, self-proclaimed economist, will have a free reign to practise his damning financial wizardry and postpone the better days that are coming.

This is the land of recycled politicians. If we fire, who we go put? We are at the juncture where the Government and the Opposition should salvage and harness the remnants of talents and skills so that the citizens of “blind valley” can retain a measure of sanity.



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