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Saturday 21 July 2018
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Sailing easy on Monday morning

Passengers disembark from the TT Spirit in Port of Spain this morning, after the vessel successfully completed a 6.30 am trip from Scarborough. PHOTO SUREASH CHOLAI

The TT Spirit made a smooth entrance into Port of Spain today on its return to service on the inter-island seabridge.

Newsday spoke with Vilma Lewis-Cockburn, CEO of TT Inter-Island Transportation, who said, "The TT Spirit left the Port of Scarborough at 6.38am with 308 passengers and 62 vehicles, and arrived at 9.25 am in Port of Spain."

Most passengers leaving the port who spoke to Newsday said it was smooth sailing, and the vessel felt as if it would be sailing smoothly for a while .

"It was cool, nice and smooth" said Duke, who did not give a first name
, after spending the weekend in Tobago. Adanna Campbell- Mills said,"The sail was very nice. It was early and gave a smooth ride. I went over for vacation."

Judy Crick said, "It was beautiful. I was shocked that the ride was less than two and a half hours. The sail with so smooth, and all the facilities were nice."

Another passenger urged people to take care of the vessel when on board, saying it was important for everyone to play a part in the maintainance of the Spirit. "People just need to be careful and do what is right with it."

The TT Spirit was scheduled a for return trip to Scarborough this afternoon, leaving Port of Spain at 4pm.


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