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Saturday 21 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Garcia showsfunny side

THE EDITOR: I was preparing to retire to my bed on Monday night when my granddaughter told me that Education Minister Anthony Garcia was on television on the Rundown show. I joined her and watched the programme and together we had a good laugh.

After the programme she said she didn’t know Garcia was so funny nor that a politician would appear on the show and make viewers laugh.

I congratulate Garcia for appearing on the programme and for showing that having a good sense of humour is an essential social tool and is a great way to make friends.

I think members of the Rundown team were also equally surprised at the level of alertness and the ability of “Uncle Garcia” (as they called him) to hit back with a few jokes of his own, creating that atmosphere of humour and relaxation to make the programme worth watching.

This is a timely example to make other politicians realise that sometimes they must step back and be able to laugh at themselves because a little humour creates an atmosphere that is easier to work in.

Garcia demonstrated that being humourous as a leader will put your team members at ease and will allow them to feel more comfortable around you and at the workplace in general. He also showed that as a leader you are responsible for your team and for making sure that their productivity and performance are at a maximum.



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