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Saturday 21 July 2018
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Financial support delays for govt scholars

Education Minster Anthony Garcia PHOTO BY STEFFON DOUGLAS

Overseas students on national scholarships have complained of difficulty in receiving their scholarship funds on time, leaving them stranded.

When Newsday contacted Education Minister Anthony Garcia, he said students ought to ensure all necessary information is forwarded to the ministry.

“I was notified that all foreign students have received their support in terms of finances.

“However, there are some students who have not yet been able to fulfil the requirements, that is, filling out the necessary forms. Until that is done, we are not able to disburse the funds.”

Garcia said on the last count, he was told 67 students were on scholarship overseas, and is making a public appeal to students and parents facing difficulties to ensure all necessary paperwork is done.

A masters student in the United Kingdom told Newsday he had delays in getting his first payment. He said the first payment, which was anticipated in November, was almost a quarter late and he did not receive it until January, which means he entered another quarter without any funds.

However, he said the second payment, which arrived at the end of March, was on time.

But, he added, “I know someone who has yet to receive his second payment. I don’t know if it is based on location, because he is in the United States. Other students in the UK with whom I am familiar got their payments on time.”

Asked about insufficient information being provided to the Ministry of Education, the scholar said otherwise. He said he had sent in all the necessary information, but there was still a delay.


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