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Saturday 22 September 2018
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CAISO: AG must protect citizens from pastor's "threats"

Collin Robinson CAISO Chairman and Leah Thompson Attorney at Law LGBT Community Activist. Photo: Roger Jacob

CAISO Executive Director Colin Robinson says it is the duty of the Attorney General to protect citizens from the threats of Reverend Victor Gill, who cautioned the ruling on the buggery law would result in unrest similar to the lead up to the 1990 attempted coup.

Reverend Victor Gill, speaking to Newsday on Sunday, said despite the court’s ruling on the unconstitutionality of this country’s buggery laws, his position has not changed and is warning that the ruling can have serious repercussions, including massive social unrest similar to that which led to the 1990 attempted coup. Gill of the Redemption Christian Centre in Laventille and Chaguanas has been one of the most outspoken critics of the law’s removal. He had told Newsday while he was still opposed to homosexuality, his organisation preaches peace and did not condone violence against any group of individuals. He also said he and other religious leaders were in the process of organising one of the largest protests against the law’s repeal, uniting various religious organisations, sometime this week.

Robinson in a text message alleged Gill was hiding the full Nigel Henry poll on buggery from the public and said if he did "he would quickly disappear from the front page."

Gill in a brief telephone interview yesterday said he was not aware of the poll and said he preferred not to comment on allegations he was inciting unrest in the country with his comments.

Luke Sinnette, social worker and member of LGBTQI lobbyist group, Friends for Life, had previously told Newsday he was concerned by Gill’s remarks about social uprising. Sinnette said he was not convinced that Gill was using his role as a religious leader for the greater good, and accused him of hate speech.

Multiple calls to the cellphone of Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi yesterday went unanswered.

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