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Friday 20 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

NIB must act against dishonest employers

THE EDITOR: I read a very disturbing story in which it was reported that some CPEP contractors were using their employees NIS contributions for their business expenses instead of remitting it to the fund.

When questioned how many were persecuted the NIB executive director Niala Persad-Poliah responded that the matter was under investigation and that NIB would report to the Committee.

This response appears to be dodging the issue. Over the years there have been numerous stories of different employers failing to remit their employees contributions, causing these employees to be short changed when they retire.

It is time that these employers are dragged before the court, and not only made to repay these contributions but also are sent to jail. This is a criminal act.

If Ms Persad-Poliah is unable to take effective action, then she should be replaced with someone who will.

When are the authorities going to get serious and crack down on white collar crime? Do you not see the link between these acts and TT becoming the most lawless society in the Caribbean?

Robert Saldenha via e-mail


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