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Thursday 19 July 2018
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We will answer for our choices

THE EDITOR: The reason most Christians do not deem homosexuality acceptable is that they believe the body is the temple of God. Sinning against your own body desecrates God’s temple so it is a sin against God Himself.

Most nationals are afraid of TT becoming like the US and other countries, not so much because their practice of homosexuality is protected but because any oppositional belief is rabidly assaulted.

Already we are hearing that if you don’t accept homosexuality you are on the side of hate, you are discriminating, you are driving children to suicide.

Life is all about choices. But it is also about answering for those choices. I have chosen to make God my Lord and thus I choose to serve His will above everything else. Those who have chosen differently will likewise answer for their choice.

What most people take exception to is being asked to endorse another man’s choice that runs counter to their own beliefs.



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