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Thursday 19 July 2018
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LGBT people, have patience

THE EDITOR: The right to life, the right to live without fear of attack and no discrimination in the workplace is what is most important now, today in 2018. This is paramount to any side dreaming about same-sex marriage in TT.

We are a democracy and the Christians, Hindus, Muslims have equal right to want to hold on to what they see as sacrosanct. Offence is a two-way street but no way should it be dangerous for any of us to walk in sweet TT.

I am not LGBT but I had the unique experience of doing an AIDS/HIV bereavement course at the Terrence Higgins Trust in London in the early 90s when the death figures were still extremely high.

This was an opportunity to see LGBT people as no different from me.

Most LGBT individuals are warm, friendly and perfectionists in their endeavours, whether in the theatre, social services or community care.

I made working friends who were loyal and helpful to the core.

I had a girlfriend who was offended to the point of tears when a born-again Christian colleague started dropping prayers on her desk hoping she could save her from hell and damnation.

This is a grave offence and the offender lost her job for discriminatory and offensive behaviour towards a fellow worker.

Our laws here are not so strict. It has taken many years to get to that point in foreign workplaces. Our culture and way of life is not that advanced. Rome was not built in a day.

There are men in TT who see sexual harassment as acceptable. Admit it.

We have to also acknowledge that there are many TT women who crave the fresh talk. Catch one man out and there are 100 more smirking in the background and they do not intend to get caught.

Perhaps it could be instrumental if we could have a few local stage productions that do not make fun of infidelity and sexual misbehaviour. Joke is joke but some jokes get boring if oft repeated. How about a scenario where a rich, important man gets fired from a job for interfering with his secretary?



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