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Saturday 17 August 2019
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Dulalchan outlines plans on operational control centre

DCP Deodath Dulalchan.
DCP Deodath Dulalchan.

With crime and criminal activity seemingly on the rise in central Trinidad, DCP (Operations) Deodath Dulalchan has outlined plans to create an operational control centre at the Chaguanas Police Station.

Speaking at a Central Division town meeting at Presentation College, Chaguanas on Wednesday night, he said the centre would improve the response time to emergency calls from the public by being able to identify the nearest patrol to the trouble call.

“We should be able to have, at Chaguanas Police Station, an operational centre where we would be able to have an idea exactly, the exact location, of each patrol in central division,” he said, clarifying the police definition of a “hotspot area” by saying this was not an entire community but rather specific areas within a community which would be the focus of increased police patrols. He also tackled the issue of police corruption, saying while on his way to the meeting, he had been told four officers had been arrested and were expected to face charges of misconduct.

“When these things happen, whilst I know that it takes us one step backwards, I am pretty much happy that we are in fact trying to really remove the scourge of police misconduct and corruption,” he said.

During the interactive segment, Chaguanas West MP Ganga Singh said criminal activity seemed to be becoming better organised in the central borough.

“There has been an evolution of crime in Chaguanas where you have banks being robbed, ATMs being robbed, contractor places being robbed, and there is a type of activity that is highly organised for that activity to take place, and it is growing and it is concentrated in a particular area,” Singh said.

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