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Friday 20 July 2018
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TT Spirit returns to operation next week

TT Spirit

The TT Spirit will be back in operation on Monday morning.

The fast ferry, sister to the TT Express that makes up the inter-island ferry service between Trinidad and Tobago had been on dry dock since last year for repairs and maintenance.

After several failed sea trials over the past weeks, the Spirit has been declared seaworthy and ready for duty.

While the Spirit and the Express were down the cargo ship Cabo Star and Caribbean Airlines (CAL) provided transportation between the islands, picking up the slack for commuters, business people, and tourists.

Chairman of the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (PATT) Lyle Alexander told Newsday while the Spirit would return to Tobago on Saturday, the vessel would sail without passengers.

Her official day for work is on Monday.

Alexander said while the Spirit had been certified by the DMV, he could not say whether it was for the five years they were seeking.

He said fast ferries and cargo ferries were certified for different amounts of time and he would have to verify how long the Spirit would be certified.

Meanwhile, the Express remains on dry dock for an unspecified time.

A release from PATT said the Spirit's schedule would begin at 6.30 pm on Monday. The arrangement with CAL will end on Sunday.


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