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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Oh happy day in Surrey

A cross section of the crowd in front of BP Renegades.


HUNDREDS of people converged on the usually quiet Surrey Village in Lopinot last Saturday to be a part of FCB Supernovas event, A Day in Surrey.

The event took on the look of a Woodstock as people gathered at the community centre court as well as on the grass and the side of the road with their chairs and coolers.

It was an evening of food, pan and parang in a rustic setting which, to most people, was like an excursion of sorts.

This was the first big pan event since Carnival and the people responded with enthusiasm, looking forward to sweet music throughout the evening.

They were not disappointed as San Jose Serenaders and Los ALumnos de San Juan brought back some Christmas memories.

Republic Bank Exodus, host FCB Supernovas, Desperadoes and BP Renegades provided the music that patrons travelled to Lopinot to hear. As each orchestra was announced, patrons converged on the tent and the music was hardly audible to those outside the range of the pans. But that did not stop the action as those within earshot of the pans were dancing and carrying on.

Supernovas also honoured several people who devoted time and energy to the development of the band. Leader Amrit Samaroo said he was very pleased with the turnout and thanked all for their support.

Some high-profile personalities like Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan, Pennelope Beckles, Anthony Smart, Paul Leacock, Peter Kanhai and former mayor of Port of Spain Keron Valentine were seen in the crowd.


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