PNM women: Apologise to Paula-Mae

THE People's National Movement's (PNM) Women's League today demanded the Powerful Ladies of TT (PLOTT) publicly apologise to President Paula Mae Weekes for spreading false information about her allegedly refusing to appoint Diego Martin Central MP Darryl Smith as a junior housing minister. The call was made by the League's chairman Camille Robinson-Regis, who is also Planning Minister and Leader of Government in the House of Representatives.

Robinson-Regis said PLOTT's actions were, "irresponsible, unethical and unprofessional." She said PLOTT neglected its civic duty to research the Constitution before issuing its release about the President. Robinson-Regis, who is Leader of Government Business in the House of Representatives, said had PLOTT read the Constitution, they would have seen clearly that, "the Prime Minister needs only to notify the President-not seek permission-for any change which he makes to the portfolio of an individual who has taken the oath of office."

Robinson-Regis said Weekes is well-informed about her functions as President. She said the League also demanded the immediate resignation of PLOTT president Gillian Wall.


"PNM women: Apologise to Paula-Mae"

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