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Sunday 26 May 2019
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PLOTT: Stop cyber-bullying Kumti

The activist group Powerful Ladies of TT (PLOTT) is calling on the public to leave Kumti Deopersad alone and stop cyberbullying her. Deopersad, 37, made headlines when she went missing two weeks ago. Her husband, Tilkee Gopaul, 61, reported her missing after she told him she had been kidnapped by four men when she left the Princes Town Health Centre.

Deopersad later admitted she had fabricated her story as she was frustrated with her relationship. However, in the days since she disappeared and then reappeared, social media have been flooded with hundreds of memes, parody videos and posts poking fun at her situation.

With the hashtags #HelpHerDontHurtHer, #LeaveKuntiAlone, #LeaveSheAlone and #EndViolenceAgainstOurWomenAndGirls, PLOTT posted the following message on Facebook: “In response to the ongoing cyberbullying of Kunti Deopersad, she has appealed to the public to stop. Please think before you forward those ‘Kunti’ jokes and memes via social media. The circumstances that led to Kunti’s escape and subsequent story are real issues many of our women and girls are struggling with, help them, don’t shame and blame them.”

PLOTT said the cyberbullying also affects Deopersad’s children and other women and girls in similar situations. “The ongoing cyberbullying and cyber-harassment has been contributing to further psychological and emotional stress, it is creating further stress and anxiety, and not just for Kunti, but for her children, her family and for other women and girls who find themselves “trapped” in similar situations, please carefully consider the impact of your words.”

The post was shared over 1,000 times in a matter of hours and many users agreed with PLOTT’s sentiment. However, quite a few others countered the argument, saying Deopersad brought embarrassment on herself with her story.

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