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Friday 20 July 2018
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Agya, a car for all

Shigeru Ito, president of Toyota (Trinidad and Tobago) Ltd introduces the new Agya hatchback series at the company’s branch in San Fernando last Saturday. PHOTOS BY LINCOLN HOLDER

Toyota’s new Agya hatchback is aimed at providing a low-cost new vehicle to those citizens who are feeling the pinch of the economic downturn.

The vehicle will cost $125,000, president of Toyota (Trinidad and Tobago) Ltd Shigeru Ito revealed during the Agya's launch at the company's branch on Michael Rahael Boulevard, San Fernando, last Saturday. Members of the public were allowed to view and test-drive the vehicles.

Ito said the Agya, which means fast in Sanskrit, is Toyota’s first entry-level vehicle.

“We understand the current state of the economy and the direction the Government is heading and we want to make it easier to own a vehicle,” Ito said. “Anyone ranging from university students to retirees will enjoy this car. We want to provide the opportunity to purchase a brand new Toyota that is both dependable and affordable.”

Ryan Latchu, right, VP of Toyota (Trinidad and Tobago) Ltd, and president Shigeru Ito highlight the features of the Agya hatchback at the company’s branch in San Fernando last Saturday.

The Agya comes in seven colours and, according to Ito, it has top class fuel efficiency.

“There’s no need to buy grey market when you can get a brand new vehicle that is less stress, has low maintenance costs and top class fuel efficiency. The introductory offer on this vehicle is $125,000 including one year of free service.”

Ito said despite the car’s small exterior, it is spacious and comfortable.

Koya Belgrave, marketing and logistics officer, Toyota (Trinidad and Tobago) Ltd is ready to test drive the Agya hatchback at the company’s San Fernando branch last Saturday.

“As you can see the vehicle is compact and modern. With a one-litre engine and four speed automatic transmission, even though it is small it can perform, we’ve tested it,” he said.

“The Agya comes with anti-lock braking system, dual airbags and an immobilizer. Don’t let the size fool you, there is enough room for five people six feet tall to sit in there comfortably."

In January, the company launched its new Yaris and Ito said the public can look forward to more launches throughout the year.

“This year Toyota T&T Ltd has a different strategy. We now have a stronger presence under new management and you will see our new style including as I mentioned before, introducing exciting models to the market. You can anticipate to hear and see from Toyota as well as Hino this year.”

Although he did not give a date, Ito said the next vehicle launch will be for the Prius C Hybrid.



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