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Friday 19 July 2019
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Woman fearful kidnappers may return

After both she and her husband escaped kidnapping last month, Carapichaima businesswoman Lutchmin Rampersad says she and her family remain deeply traumatised and are afraid to venture outside after dark for fear of being kidnapped again.

Speaking with Newsday yesterday, Rampersad said she and her family were struggling to cope with the ordeal and likened the experience to a nightmare. She said while the family has received support from neighbours and friends, she is still terrified to venture outside her home at night in case her captors return.

“It’s was unbelievably frightening. Right now we are on high alert and are extremely vigilant of any strange vehicles or people lingering around the house because we don’t know if the people who did this are still looking at us and have intentions to come back. We are very frightened for our safety.” Recalling the ordeal, Rampersad while she was afraid, she said she was grateful for being given a second chance at life and says she feels her husband’s escape was not by chance but came from divine intervention. “Everything about that evening allowed us to return safely to our family. When they dropped me near the Ato Boldon Stadium, I just happened to run into a family friend who took me back home. God was on our side and we are trying to move on from this situation.”

She also said false reports of kidnapping were harmful to the victims and survivors and said such incidents could discourage officers from seriously investigating actual reports of kidnapping.

Last month Rampersad and her husband Terrence were snatched outside their Couva home after attending a party for their daughter in Port of Spain. Lutchmin was released so she could get the money for her husband’s safe release. However, her husband was able to escape his captors before any ransom could be paid.

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