Teen tells tale of sex for $$

A 13-year-old secondary school student from the west, accompanied by a female relative, went to the Four Roads Police station on Monday and told Child Protection police she was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a 48-year-old neighbour since she was 11.

She told police the man had been having sex with her since 2016, always at his house and the last sexual encounter was earlier this month. The traumatised teenager said that every time she had sex with the man, he gave her money and told her to give it to her mother.

He gave her gifts and promised to buy her clothes, shoes, cellphones and computers if she continued to keep the abuse a secret. But he also threatened violence if she told anyone.

In tears, she told police that she continually begged her mother to take her out of the situation but her pleas were ignored. She told police that it appeared her mother had never reported the neighbour to the police.

When she was 11, she was confused, frightened and unsure on who to turn to because she did not have the support of her mother. The teen the rapes affected her emotionally and physically and as she got older and realised what was happening to her was a crime, she decided to confide in another female relative, who wasted no time in taking her to the police.

The teen was expected to be medically examined yesterday and police said they intend to inform the Children’s Authority so she could be taken to a safe house, pending a full investigation. They said said every effort will be made to protect the victim from further harm. Her mother is yet to be interviewed by police.

This is the second incident in recent times where a woman has pimped out her teenaged daughter for money. In a case that is still engaging the attention of the police, another teen who is also from the west, claimed her mother was sending her out to engage in sex with men for money.

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"Teen tells tale of sex for $$"

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