PM must lead from the front

THE EDITOR: I am in total agreement with UNC politician Jerlean John when she says that Darryl Smith should repay the $150,000 money used to settle a case brought by his fired secretary. We cannot use public money to pay for the wrongs of politicians. There are other things too that need to be resolved by the Prime Minister in order to reflect that this nation is operating on fair democratic principles.

The filling of two vacant councillor seats is another aspect in respecting the principles of political democracy and governance and by-elections should be held without delay.

The Prime Minister must refrain from relying on public pressure before undertaking his political responsibilities. He must always be seen in the eyes of the public as acting as quickly as possible to resolve political problems within his party in order to avoid unnecessary criticism from the Opposition and the public.

He must take the bull by the horns in order to reflect his true position as the leader of the nation and always lead from the front.

GA MARQUES via e-mail


"PM must lead from the front"

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