Diego Martin Constituents: Smith should manage his personal life

Joel , a diego martin north central constituent
Joel , a diego martin north central constituent

CONSTITUENTS of Diego Martin Central are of a majority view that while Darryl Smith is a good person and has been a visible Member of Parliament; he ought to better manage his personal life while in public office.

Newsday visited the constituency yesterday and spoke with constituents regarding the revocation of Smith's appointment to the Ministry of Housing and the related allegations of sexual harassment by a former employee.

Nicole, a constituent told Newsday "it is disappointing because when I got to know him he was a nice person, but the allegations make me wonder."

Asked what action she would see most appropriate by Prime Minister Rowley, she said "the investigations are going on, so after the investigations we would see."

She said a rightful dismissal would be appropriate if after investigations, Smith is found guilty.

Kwame, a diego martin north central constituent

Another constituent, Angela, said "he's a very good man and I still support him 100 per cent. Honestly, I don't know why Dr Rowley revoked the appointment, but I believe that after investigations all will be well."

Angela said he deserves his position as a MP, and if given a second change she would still vote for Smith.

"I feel they should keep him. He is a good man, he is good for the community up here" said Joel, another constituent in Diego Martin Central. "In the space of time that he was a minister, I think he did a good job. Regarding the accusations, I don't think that is tolerable." said Kwame, when asked his opinion on issues surrounding MP Smith.

Ann-Marie disagreed, she said "a man's personal life has nothing to do with his work. Everybody has something in the closet." Asked about his performance as MP, she said "he is nice but must do better. People bawlin' for roads to be fixed and water."

Contrasting statements were made by Chuvalos, who said even though Smith is regularly seen in the constituency, he does not perform at an acceptable level. He said "the allegations made against him are still allegations. But for the PM to revoke his appointment, it leaves us with some sketchy images of MP Smith." Chuvalos said "we want back Amery Browne, that is the right person to be MP in this constituency. Smith got his chance, and we can see clearly that he is not fit for the position."

Another constituent said Rowley took too long to take punitive action regarding the allegations against Smith.

Chuvalos, a Diego Martin Central constituent. 

"If you the public did not create an uproar they would not have done anything about it. They were supposed to fire him on the spot, or he should have stepped down. It is something that is prevalent all over the world and is being given a lot of attention," the constituent said.

She continued by saying "PM Rowley has two daughters and I don't think he would want them in that kind of position."

One constituent questioned by Newsday said "if Rowley brought back Marlene, he can give Darryl a chance."

Newsday made attempts to interview Smith but he did not respond to messages and he was not available at his constituency office in Petit Valley yesterday.


"Diego Martin Constituents: Smith should manage his personal life"

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