Sando residents win noise pollution case

SOME residents of Hilda Lazzarri Terrace, San Fernando succeeded in convincing a magistrate to close a popular restaurant and lounge.

Senior magistrate Cherril-Anne Antoine ordered that the proprietor of Rising Star Restaurant, Grill and Lounge, find alternative arrangements by the next nine months. In the interim, the magistrate ordered, the business can operate at Hilda Lazzarri Terrace, but on condition that the noise levels be within the prescribed law.

On March 15, business owner Chandraka Persad made an application in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court for renewal of a special restaurant license. However, several residents objected citing loud noise levels, indiscriminate parking by patrons and use of obscene language. One of the objectors, Iona Charles, complained that the business usually has garbage that was unsecured.

In a memorandum of understanding signed last Thursday by Persad and the residents, it was agreed that conditions laid down the former to abide by, be extended for a period of nine months. This is to allow the applicants a reasonable time to make alternative arrangements.

In keeping with the arrangement, the magistrate ordered that signs be posted on the premises forbidding the use of profane and violent language. She also ordered that the noise levels remain within strict confines as contained in the Environmental Management Authority guidelines as stipulated in the Noise Regulation booklet.

As from 11 pm, it was ordered, the noise level should be below 65 decibels and at a reasonable level. Antoine also ordered that Persad provide adequate security on the compound.

Attorney Ainsley Lucky represented the objectors while attorney Subhas Panday appeared for Persad.


"Sando residents win noise pollution case"

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