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Saturday 21 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Hello CAL

THE EDITOR: So I watched the corporate communications manager of CAL on a TV morning show recently and I thought she was good at explaining the facts re the airline extending themselves to help stranded passengers given the demise of the sea bridge.

Goodness, let us thank CAL for stepping up people – they came to the rescue and instead we complain about long lines at the counter!

In fact, the airline seems to have taken a very strategic approach with the new management – and when we wade through and look behind the so-called exorbitant salaries that have been quoted for some new employees, we can see that decisions are being made to position the airline on a new path.

According to CAL officials – if you watched the JSC enquiry – the airline’s performance is improving and January and February, which are traditionally the worst performing months for the airline, are now the best they’ve had in years. With the troubled state of quite a number of other state enterprises this was welcome news.

Then there was the opening up of the Cuba route, which can generate interest in a whole new market. It was also good to see CAL at Carnival – not sure why they weren’t there in a big way in years past, but as the national airline the brand was such a good fit for our Carnival.

I also noticed that the tag line for their Carnival campaign was Hello Caribbean, so I can only assume that means we can see this throughout the region. Well, Hello CAL, it’s about time you showed up!

Natalie De Silva via e-mail


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