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Friday 21 September 2018
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Stop allowing your sons to dress like pot hounds

Rev at funeral for teen killed for gold chain

SEND OFF: Mourners packed the chapel of Guides Funeral Home and Crematorium in San Fernando yesterday for the funeral of murdered 19-year-old Rinarco Balgobin.

“STOP allowing your sons to dress like pot hounds!”

This was the stern warning from a pastor who called on parents to take charge of their children and speak out against the type of clothing some young men are wearing.

He was speaking yesterday at the funeral for 19-year-old Rinarco Balgobin who was shot dead in front his Southern Main Road, La Romaine home early last week Friday. The PNM Oropouche West Youth League chairman was robbed of his $3,500 gold chain.

At the Guides Funeral Home and Crematorium on Coffee Street, San Fernando, Rev Peter Charles David told mourners that it was alarming to see the dress code of men and young boys today. He said such a “dress code” which entails the pants of a young man falling off his waist should not be acceptable. He recalled recently seeing a young man with his mother at a supermarket. David said the boy’s pants was falling off his waist and he decided to speak to the mother. “I was cursed by the mother and she asked me ‘Are you his father?’”

He said men and young boys were dressing like “little pot hounds.” David called on adults to set proper examples for their children.

“Let our children have mentors. Mothers when you are going down the road and you see a young man’s pants falling down, find out why his pants is falling down and ask him if you could help. Ask him if you could help him get his pants up where it is supposed to be. We need to wake up.”

David said he too was also a victim of crime on two occasions.

“On Saturday would make it seven years since bandits damaged my eyes and robbed me, and up to date there has been no arrest. Also, three years ago bandits tried to rob me in San Fernando and nothing ever came out of that as well.”

He said if adults don’t “wake up and smell the coffee” and try to set proper examples for children, crime would continue.

Secretary of the youth league Donessia Henry said Balgobin did not deserve to die in the manner he did. She hoped justice is served in his killing. Henry said it was a joy to work alongside Balgobin. Members of the youth league also described the teenager as a leader and thanked him for his service. Balgobin was cremated at the crematorium. Several people have been questioned in his killing, but no arrest has been made. Homicide Region Three police are investigating.

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