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Saturday 20 April 2019
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Protect senior citizens from immigrants

WHO is going to protect senior citizens from immigrants taking advantage of TT’s senior citizens?

This was the question asked by a concerned senior citizen, who did not want to be identified as she was fearful of being targeted by a small group of immigrants to whom she rented her house.

Speaking with Newsday yesterday, the owner of the house called on the relevant authorities to deal with the large number of Venezuelans and people of other nationalities in the Diego Martin and Petit Valley district.

“Who is protecting us as senior citizens? I have rented my house to a family of three, all of Venezuelan nationality, and after trying to help them out, with all that is taking place in their country,

I cannot be comfortable in my own home. After renting my house to the family at the cost of $4,300 monthly, my home is now being rented out to more family members at a cost of $1,000 per person on a monthly basis.

I am being told I cannot put them out until the date I have given to them.

“I also spoke to other landlords who have been going through the same problem and who are also fed up complaining to the police about the treatment we are getting from these tenants. We have made several reports to Four Roads and Diego Martin police stations, and nothing is being done about the situation.”

The landlady said since she asked the tenants to vacate her premises, she is now being threatened, and fruit is being used as missiles and thrown onto her roof.

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