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Monday 22 July 2019
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Cuban children back with ‘dissident’ parents

THREE children who were living with Cuban dissidents on Chancery Lane, Port of Spain, last year, have been returned to their parents, who are to go on trial in August for obstructing the pavement outside the United Nations office.

The Cubans, who were seeking refugee status, were camping out outside the UN’s office. Eight of them were charged for obstructing the pavement in December 2017. Sources said the children were returned to their parents. The Cubans were assisted by the Living Water Community and are now staying at a house in Petit Valley until their trial.

The three children were in the care of the Children’s Authority after they were taken away from their parents on Chancery Lane by the police Child Protection Unit (CPU).

When contacted Insp Beverly Rodriguez from the CPU said while the unit was involved in the incident and removed the children from the street, the CPU did not have an update on where they were. “I am aware of the incident, but I am unable to say about the follow-up. I am not aware as to where the matter has reached after we stepped in.

“We don’t do the follow-ups on the incident because it was not an offence against the children in any sexual way. I can’t say what took place after. We only were involved in the matter to remove the children, but not involved in the enquiry.”

Several calls to the cellphone of Chief Immigration Officer Charmaine Gandhi-Andrews on Wednesday and Thursday went unanswered.

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