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Saturday 21 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

TT, please stay as godly as you are

THE EDITOR: I pray for TT and its people to experience a move of God like never before. I know that the land of my birth and early upbringing has been under severe and steady attack by human and spiritual forces of evil for a long time, but I take consolation in the hope and unbending faith of many who are fighting for a better country.

With all the criminal elements and negative reports, the Land of the Humming Bird is still to me somewhat of a paradise and reflects a godly presence. It still retains some of its moral and biblical heritage in spite of the pressures put upon it by the so-called more progressive nations, especially in the area of marriage and sexual orientation. One wonders, quite rightly, if progressive means greater haste to destruction.

So I applaud the people and the courts for resisting the attempts by some to change God’s moral laws and standards. TT is one of the few countries remaining that has endured resistance and failed to succumb to a change that would permit the evil proclivities of man to be victorious.

Ever since the foundation of the world and the fall of Adam, mankind has had a history of corruption and immorality. But in recent years, the demise of morality has taken a more devastating turn, as satanic forces through human agents have brought nations under the firm grip of the powers of darkness.

When man is whimsically determining his own sex and marriage is not between a man and woman, they mark the erosion of the very foundation on which a society is built.

As a retired teacher turned evangelist, I have followed with interest the evolution of the decay of morality, and the roots can be traced back to some of the events of the 60s and 70s when Benjamin Spock influenced America and the world to remove prayer and the Bible from schools and focus on “self.”

Psychologists joined in with terms like self-concept, self-esteem, self-identity, self-fulfilment, “self-actualisation” and all the “self-ish” terms that shifted the paradigm from God to self. Gradually, moral values and standards became less absolute and more relative.

This gave birth to the term “moral relativism.”

All this has led to one of the biggest cultural crises the world is facing today — the denial of objective reality in favour of subjective feelings and opinions. One’s identity is being redefined to allow a person to be whoever (or maybe eventually whatever) he or she feels they are on the inside, although it may bear no connection to who they are on the outside.

External reality is being replaced by subjective feelings. So it is becoming a real challenge and struggle to maintain traditional values and standards, especially if they are biblically based.

I also applaud your President, Paula-Mae Weeks, for her vision and hope that by faith and a united effort the nation can be carried to greatness.

My hope is that TT will continue to preserve its godly heritage and show evidence of it by the ultimate fruits it produces.

May God pour out a special blessing for upholding His law.

BEN SEEBARAN, Vancouver, Canada


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