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Saturday 21 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Give monitors their money

THE EDITOR: The Continuous Assessment Component of the SEA was dismantled in 2016. To this date monitors, predominantly retirees, have not received a single penny of their gratuity.

Many of these monitors have passed on but others are still holding on with the hope of seeing their money. Is it that the Government/Ministry of Education is killing time for more of these monitors to die off?

What should these individuals do? Go in front of the Parliament or Education Ministry brandishing placards and chanting with their walking sticks, wheelchairs and medication, “We wha we money right now?”

This is a sick Government and the ills of society are a reflection of the people holding office. “Crime cannot done” because this killing time to kill off these monitors before giving them their due is a crime.

I hope the minister realises that he, too, is in the pensioning category and what goes around comes around. Give these people their money.



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