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Monday 17 June 2019
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No extra pay for absent Carnival police


POLICE corporate communications manager Ellen Lewis confirmed yesterday that disciplinary action had been taken against officers who failed without “reasonable excuse” to show up for work on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

She was responding to queries from Newsday about a leaked internal memo from the office of the Commissioner of Police, dated February 26, authorising paid leave and extra pay for other officers.

The memo begins with praise for police who ensured there was a safe and secure environment for Carnival.

As an “expression of gratitude,” acting Commissioner Stephen Williams wrote, he was authorising paid leave for officers and extra pay for Special Reserve Police who worked both days.

The memo stipulated that four days’ gratuitous leave should be given to police who “actually performed duties on both Carnival Monday and Tuesday” and four days’ extra pay for members of the Special Reserve Police who did the same.

The memo closes with a directive that officers who did not work both days were not to be granted the leave, which is to be used by September 10.

Speaking to Newsday yesterday Lewis confirmed that the memo originated from the CoP’s office.

She said action was taken against police who failed to show up for work on both days of Carnival, but declined to say what that action had been.

Asked how many officers faced action for not reporting for duty, Lewis said she would not provide those numbers. She also declined to say why the numbers could not be released.

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