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Saturday 21 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Cambridge Analytica – the not me movement

THE EDITOR: All over the world the #Me Too Movement has taken hold, except in Trinidad where it is the not me movement. From captain to cook in the last administration, the cry has erupted – “not me.” At this point in time the SCL Group, aka Cambridge Analytica, was hired by no one but yet they were doing work in TT and had access to government data.

So let’s start to dissect this conundrum.

To the COP that says it was stone cold broke and couldn’t afford to hire them: Who hired them in 2010 and did they not conduct and orchestrate a campaign which involved the COP? Did they not work with the COP in that election and, if so, did the COP pay them or was that bill paid by the UNC?

If they were hired by the UNC the first time, it is not too much of a stretch to assume they were hired by the UNC in the second instance.

The COP has again tried to obfuscate the truth, when it is common knowledge these people were in fact here and working at the operations centre in Charlieville after the local government election in 2013. It wasn’t just a one-and-done meeting like Prakash Ramadhar et al would have us believe.

To the Attorney General: Don’t try and do this alone because it is far too important a subject matter. By now the Government should have come to terms with the fact that exercises such as the one conducted by Cambridge Analytica undermine the foundations of our democracy. Added to which the complexities of such an investigation are way beyond the institutional capabilities of the Office of the Attorney General.

The Government must appoint a commission of enquiry with the power to subpoena witnesses and let them testify under oath and let’s get to the bottom of this. Let all and sundry perjure themselves if they must, because that will not change the fact that a crime has been committed by foreigners in TT, aided and abetted by nationals who did not hire them and certainly could not afford to pay them.

Trinidad is sweet, yes?



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