$25,000 bail for man arrested at police station

A Santa Cruz man who allegedly drove onto the compound of the Santa Cruz police station last week Tuesday, blaring loud music, and kneeling on the ground when he got out of his car, has been granted $25,000 bail by a Port of Spain magistrate.

Jason Blandin, 36, of McCarthy Street, appeared before Third Court magistrate Rehanna Hosein yesterday, on charges of possession of a noxious substance, disorderly behaviour and playing a loud and noisy instrument.

Blandin was granted bail and is to return to court in the next 28 days, when it is expected he will enter a plea.

He was represented by attorney Shivanni Ramkissoon, who also recommended that he undergo psychiatric evaluation.

No order was made by the magistrate, who granted Blandin bail.

According to a police statement last week, a man drove onto the compound of the police station in a black Toyota Sprinter, at about 8.30 pm, playing music. The statement said the man got out of the car and knelt on the ground.

When police at the station came out, they ordered the man to lie on the ground, but he refused and, instead, began removing his clothing before lying on his stomach.

Police said the Explosive Detection and Disposal Unit and the Canine Branch were called in and the car was searched. It was also alleged that a can of tear gas was found in the car.


"$25,000 bail for man arrested at police station"

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