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Sunday 20 October 2019
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Car found after children put out


Three hours after a man ordered a seven-year-old girl and her 15-month-old cousin out of a car and drove off with it, police found the car near to the home of the children’s grandmother in Belmont.

According to police, around 2 pm yesterday, Patsy Isaacs left her seven-year-old daughter and her niece in her locked car along Cipriani Boulevard to collect food that her mother had ordered. Items of lesser value in the car included Isaacs’ rent for her home and business on Charlotte Street amounting to over $3,000, meals for the younger child as well as shoes and other belongings of her daughter’s.

In a telephone interview with the Sunday Newsday, Isaacs said she went to collect the food and was gone for less than one minute. She said while paying for the food she glanced back and saw her car there and ordered a drink. When she turned again she saw her daughter and niece standing in the doorway of the business and her car driving away. According to Issacs, her child told her a man was fiddling with the door and when the child asked what he was doing, the man ordered them out the car. The child then unstrapped her cousin and did as ordered. “She said he was a brown skin man, not too tall with a black and white jersey on and a tattoo on his hand but she not sure which hand,” Isaacs said.

The nail technician said she was on her way to dropping off lunch for her mother along with her daughter and niece before heading to her clients. The car was found not too far from where her mother lives. She said she was informed that the car was seen driving around the Queen’s Park Savannah shortly after it was stolen and then was hopeful she would recover it.

“I am grateful that nothing else happened because this could have been worse. That man could have gone with them. I not studying the car because he could have gone with the children. My daughter said she was very frightened and my niece being extra clingy,” the 32-year-old mother said.

Police said constables Dyer and Sammy of the Belmont Police Station recovered the car, a gift to Isaacs for her birthday last March, undamaged and locked along Industry Lane and Norfolk Street after receiving information that the car was spotted there.

The car was impounded and will be fingerprinted in the hopes of finding the car thief.

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