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Sunday 16 June 2019
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‘Hollywood rock star, songwriter’ in Sando court

A 53-year-old man who, last week, told a San Fernando magistrate that he was an artist, yesterday revealed his “true” identity. Christopher Nandlal, who is charged with showing pornography to a child in front her school, told Magistrate Cherril-Anne Antoine he is a Hollywood-based rock star and songwriter. He also said he has two children in Hollywood and many Hollywood movies are based on him and referred to himself as “a future motion picture director.” His assertions had people chuckling in the court.

The magistrate sent him to the St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital for an evaluation and adjourned the matter to April 12.

Police arrested Nandlal, of La Romaine, on March 20 at Todd Street near ASJA Girls’ College in San Fernando.

He had four drawing books with sketches of people engaging in sexual intercourse. Some of the drawings had his name written on them.

It is alleged that he also had five compact discs loaded with pornography, and a Sunday Punch newspaper.

Police also charged him with having cocaine within 500 metres from the school for the purpose of trafficking. PC Alister Redhead laid the charges.

Although Nandlal pleaded guilty yesterday to the charge of exposing a child to pornography, he denied having cocaine.

When he first appeared on March 21, he told the magistrate the substance police found on him was terrazzo stone and not cocaine.

The magistrate said Nandlal has 16 previous convictions for various offences, including larceny, having house-breaking implements and a device used to smoke cocaine.

Six of the convictions were within the last ten years.

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