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Sunday 21 July 2019
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Dottin: CAL bleeding money from corruption

TEMPORARY Independent Senator Pastor Clive Dottin said Caribbean Airlines (CAL) reminded him of the defunct Caroni (1975), Ltd as both companies were losing money all the time but still bleeding money from corruption. He made the comment in debate on a motion on parliamentary autonomy in the Senate on Tuesday.

He said when he listened to the Joint Select Committee (JSC) meeting with CAL officials this week he almost crashed his car.

He added that he sometimes wonders if a lot of people with position in this country have lost their souls, as there was so much cronyism. At the JSC it was reported that the cargo manager for CAL was being paid $71,000 a month, more than the Prime Minister. Dottin said the country could hire 10,000 more police officers and give them weapons and bulletproof vests, but without a spiritual and social re-engineering of this country, “We will not go very far.” He stressed that he wanted the best for society and the Parliament and therefore supported the motion, and called for JSCs to be given more power so the republic will be better.

Also during the Senate sitting Senators spoke on Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day and Easter. Opposition Senator Wade Mark said first Chief Minister of TT Albert Gomes was a largely unrecognised hero who was instrumental in having the Prohibition Ordinance repealed, and it was important not to have icons like him go unsung and unrecognised.

Mark said Spiritual Baptists not only contributed to nation-building but their commitment to family, church and community remain outstanding.

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