Kwesi: One lane of Lambeau bridge to open “before Easter”

Workmen move about the site at the Lambeau bridge
Workmen move about the site at the Lambeau bridge

One lane of the $18.6 million Lambeau Bridge is expected to be opened before this Easter weekend.

So said Secretary of Infrastructure Kwesi Des Vignes who, in a telephone interview Tuesday, said work was continuing apace at the bridge.

“The contractors are on the ground as we speak, and we are working hard to achieve the opening of one lane before Easter,” he said.

Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles said the Tobago House of Assembly was likely to generate savings on the project.

“We have instructed the project manwgers NIPDEC (National Insurance Property Development Company Limited) to apply the terms in the contract, which means that to the extent that there are additional expenses, the operator or the contractor will bear those expenses.

“We are likely to come in way below budget, which is significant because it sends the signal that we are moving to increase our levels of efficiency and are conserving or husbanding our resources in a particular way,” Charles said.

In February, Des Vignes had said the contractors had requested an additional two months to complete the project, which was schedule to be delivered at the end of February.

Work on the bridge began in February 2017 and was originally scheduled to be completed in twelve months.


"Kwesi: One lane of Lambeau bridge to open “before Easter”"

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