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Saturday 17 August 2019
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Criminals posing as accident victims

Acting ASP Harnarine Rampath of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch is calling on drivers to be extra careful on the roads at night, in light of increased reports of robberies in the eastern division being committed by bandits posing as accident victims.

Speaking at a police press briefing on Sackville Street, yesterday, Rampath said the first priority of anyone wishing to help during an apparent traffic accident should be to contact the police before getting out of their cars.

“Firstly, contact the nearest police station, because it might be the best course of action, by telling the officers over the phone what you have observed. Most times there are officers on duty who will readily respond and render the assistance required.”

Police road safety co-ordinator Brent Batson added that drivers should also pay close attention to their surroundings when trying to help others after an accident to avoid becoming the victim of a robbery and also to avoid causing further accidents.

“If there is an object or even a person in the road, your vigilance level needs to increase. Yes, you should look ahead but also look in your rear view mirror because something could be happening behind you. Remember, it’s not you alone in that roadway. Someone behind you might not have realised you’ve stopped for something, and now you’re putting yourself at risk for an accident.”

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