Tobago man writes kids' book on sea pollution.

Curt Thomas, a returning citizen, originally from Whim, Tobago developed a love for the sea and swimming with dolphins in Hawaii became inspired to create Dolphman; a children's storybook character who turns into a dolphin when in contact with water.

Thomas told Newsday that Dolphman (David) is a surfer who acts as a protector of sea creatures and to prevent humans from polluting in the water and along the shoreline.

Thomas said Dolphman’s human character resembles a surfer who usually visited Mt Irvine Bay, Tobago as a child. Dolphman, Betsy and the Net, was illustrated by Jim Lavery, along with artwork from his daughter. The book was published on February 8.

The father of five and grandfather of one, Thomas attended Whim Anglican Primary then Scarborough Secondary and Signal Hill Comprehensive School. He left Tobago in 1984 for America to further his studies and decided to stay there with his family. He said he never thought he would one day develop the zeal to publish a children's book.

“I went to Lambeau beach and another beach in Hawaii and I saw a lot of plastic on the favourite beaches. I started to think, what can I as an individual do to bring awareness of sea pollution?”

Thomas said he enjoyed reading bedtime stories to his children for years and realised some of these stories made an unforgettable impact on his children.

“This is when I came up with the idea of Dolphman, so that the younger generation can know it’s not ok to litter oceans. This will encourage them to make a difference in an adventurous way, to get their attention.

In the book people try to kill a whale. "That’s when the fish called upon Dolphman to rescue the whale and chase away the humans. The sea belongs to the sea creature and dolphman as a human and also with the ability to transform into a sea creature knows the struggle of the marine life caused by humans.”

He said for the second edition, places in Tobago will be featured as a way to market the island. The book can be brought on Amazon for US13.


"Tobago man writes kids' book on sea pollution."

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