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Monday 24 June 2019
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She sought police help

Relative at Anita’s funeral:

The funeral of Anita Bahadur (INSET), who was stabbed to death in San Juan on Wednesday, took place yesterday at the Carapichaima Masjid.
The funeral of Anita Bahadur (INSET), who was stabbed to death in San Juan on Wednesday, took place yesterday at the Carapichaima Masjid.

RELATIVES of murdered Anita Bahadur, 27, said yesterday at her funeral, that she had filed reports to the police about threats to her life.

Her brother, Kazim Bahadur, speaking after relatives and friends bid her farewell at the Carapichaima mosque, said Anita lived in fear though she had made several reports to the San Juan and Chaguanas police.

“It is almost as if we could have predicted this will happen,” Bahadur said, insisting police did not do everything in their power to “reach out” to his sister.

Anita was stabbed to death at the Croisee, San Juan, on Wednesday. Following the attack, the main suspect, a man whom Anita was related to, was beaten and apprehended by bystanders who witnessed the incident. He is currently in police custody.

Bahadur said, “My sister left the relationship she had with the man because she feared for her life. She made many reports to the police and she was told either they can’t find him or they can’t monitor her on a regular basis. In the end, she paid a big price for avoiding someone who would beat her up and terrorised her children.”

Anita’s ten brothers and sisters wept during the service which was officiated by Imam Sharaz Bocas. The white coffin bearing the body was placed in the mosque hall where prayers were offered.

Bocas told mourners to cultivate goodwill and prepare for the future because life is unpredictable. Saying that in Trinidad and Tobago people are losing their lives in a “flash,” he said, “People are assured of life today but they are not sure of what tomorrow may bring and this is why they must place emphasis on the true purpose of life which is serving the creator almighty Allah.”

He told family members and mourners to build their character so when they left this world, they would leave a lasting impression on the people they came in contact with.

Kazim said Anita’s landlord had placed a phone call to Anita on the day she was killed. He said the landlord had warned that a man was waiting outside her apartment in San Juan for her.

Kazim said Anita then telephoned the police and “the San Juan police told her they could not provide round the clock watch for her. They then hang up the phone.”

Anita was the fourth of 11 children of Lyons Drive, Orange Field Road, Carapichaima. Her mother, Waheeda Bahadur, 42, suffered a similar fate in December 2009 when she was found beaten to death at her home in Carapichaima. Anita’s four children, Daniel, Alicia, Dave and Aberdon, aged between three and ten years, attended the funeral.

Bahadur’s body was laid to rest at the Waterloo Cemetery, Orangefield Road, Carapichaima.

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