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Tuesday 25 June 2019
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Petrotrin gets two new directors

PETROTRIN’s board of directors has named its transition team members Anthony Chan Tack and Reynold Adjodhasingh to do executive functions, Energy Minister Franklin Khan told the House of Representatives yesterday. Khan said on February 28, former Petrotrin president Fitzroy Harewood had effectively resigned, while three other top managers also left the company, on mutually agreeable terms. These were the vice presidents of exploration and production, refining and marketing and administration respectively.

An interim board was then appointed as a transition team for a maximum period of six months, Khan added, until a new leadership could be recruited, locally or nationally. He said this team included Chan Tack, Adjodhasingh and Robert Riley. As the two former were already directors of Petrotrin, Cabinet on March 8 appointed them as executive directors so they can be authorised to perform executive and managerial functions. Moonilal asked if Riley had undergone interviews to be given the job of head of exploration at Petrotrin. Khan replied, “The answer is no, because he’s internationally acclaimed. BPTT is the largest exploration/production company.

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