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Wednesday 24 July 2019
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Charles: Only funeral homes thriving

Naparima MP Rodney Charles
Naparima MP Rodney Charles

THE only growth industry in TT is funeral homes and crime is costing country $10 billion annually, says Naparima MP Rodney Charles.

He made the statement yesterday while contributing to debate in Parliament on a private motion on the Government’s failure to diversify the economy.

He said Government should tax funeral homes instead of him.

He also said crime is costing the country $10 billion annually and this included tourism-related losses, loss of investment, security costs, national security budget and health-related costs.

“I am almost in tears. They will not acknowledge the poor and suffering people.”

He said this country was headed towards a “Haitian-ised future” but the UNC will rescue TT in 2020. Charles also criticised Tobago East MP Ayanna Webster-Roy for saying people in Tobago were not suffering.

“Which world is the MP for Tobago East living in? This is a party in denial.”

He said citizens were now waking up to the fact they were subjected to a con job in September 2015 (when the People’s National Movement) was elected.

Charles said budget promises by Finance Minister Colm Imbert to assist agriculture and the yachting industry have remained unfulfilled.

“We have a government of talk, not a government of performance.”

Charles asked Webster-Roy about the promised marina in Tobago and Webster-Roy responded, “It’s coming.”

Charles responded: “Like everything with the PNM.”

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