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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Attorney: The public has tried and sentenced supect in quadruple murder

The lone suspect in last week’s quadruple murder in La Brea is maintaining his innocence, his attorney Fareed Ali said.

Ali said it seems that the public has investigated, tried and even sentenced the suspect without any factual basis. Ali called on the public to refrain from the presumption of guilt and allow the police investigation to reveal its findings. He denied that his client confessed to the horrific murders, saying he was disappointed about media reports of a confession.

“I can state categorically that as his lawyer and legal advisor he has the right to not contribute to the police investigation by remaining silent... The sensationalism of carrying press coverage of this nature does not add value to the police investigation. The source of such a confession certainly did not stem from the suspect,” Ali said.

Police showed the a36-year-old suspect CCTV footage which placed him in La Brea last week. However, yesterday Ali said that the footage in itself does not tie his client to the deaths of the four victims.

Last week Tuesday at a house in Sobo Village, police found the bodies of Abigail Chapman, 42, her daughter Olivia Chapman, 15, Olivia’s schoolmate Michaela Mason, 14, also called Tina, and house owner Michael Scott, 69. Chapman, a teacher, was a tenant of Scott’s home at Kanhai Settlement. The murderer slit the girls’ throats and bludgeoned the adults.

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