My apologies to Hazel Manning

THE EDITOR: My sincerest apologies on behalf of the nation to Hazel Manning, wife of late prime minister Patrick Manning, for the insensitive and somewhat distorted statements made about her late husband. While many may not have agreed with some of his policies, all were proud of his comportment as prime minister. What a gentrified statesman he was.

We see US President Donald Trump every day on the international news berating his predecessor. Just this week he was described as crass and crude by a commentator on MSNBC.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley should abandon this style of governance. This creates a distraction instead of seriously treating with the responsibilities and challenges of such a weighty office.

There is a certain level of desperation in Rowley’s statements and actions that is alarming. All our institutions are falling apart and he is bad talking Manning.

I ask the Prime Minister to refrain from more distractions or blame. I implore him to settle down and do the job he was elected to do. He put himself up for office and has to do what he can with the circumstances he inherited.

SHARON D LANGE via e-mail


"My apologies to Hazel Manning"

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