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Saturday 21 July 2018
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MP: My mother lost property through Red House corruption

Christine Newallo-Hosein

CUMUTO/MANZANILLA MP Christine Newallo-Hosein said her mother lost property through an instance of corruption at the Red House.

She made the revelation during contribution to debate on an bill to amend the Land Adjudication Act in Parliament yesterday.

She questioned how Government intended to guard against corrupt activities in the various agencies and ministries regarding land matters. She recalled many years ago her mother lost property after there was a change in the document in the Red House that removed her as the legal owner. She said her mother chose not to bring the family matter to court, however.

“That level of corruption takes place with titles and deeds.”

Newallo-Hosein said the Government had not indicated anything in the new legislation that would deal with this corruption. She also questioned how the amendment would benefit her constituents and how it would affect Tobago, seeing the Government was seeking self-governance for Tobago.

She also said there was currently no Commissioner of State Lands or senior state officers and questioned whether the Government was seeking to replace the commissioner with the adjudication officer in the new legislation. She stressed land matters were serious and people would even kill for land, and it was therefore important the system was fair and just.


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