Campaign to disrupt schools?

THE EDITOR: Former education minister Tim Gopeesingh, Couva South MP Rudranath Indarsingh and TTUTA President Lynsley Doodhai once more seem to be talking for talking sake with their recent criticism of Education Minister Anthony Garcia’s assertion that some of our schools are being sabotaged and shut down by disturbed people who dump all manner of things into the toilets and clog them.

Apparently, Gopeesingh and Doodhai have not been paying attention to the news recently which clearly showed pictures of numerous items like rocks, books, bottles and pieces of clothing that a contractor removed from the sewer system of the Balmain Presbyterian Primary School. What further evidence do they need to be convinced that our schools are being sabotaged by unscrupulous people who are bent on deliberately committing acts of vandalism in schools? These actions only destabilise school operations and deprive students of an education.

Recently Garcia highlighted similar incidents at the St Joseph Girl’s RC Primary School and at two other schools, so I’m wondering if there is some kind of orchestrated campaign to disrupt and shut down our schools by unscrupulous people. If so, then the authorities must deal with this problem to the full extent of the law. The future of our children’s education depends on it.



"Campaign to disrupt schools?"

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