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Monday 24 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Rowley, correct historic stupidity

Rowley, correcthistoric stupidity

THE EDITOR: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley exposed a fundamental weakness in Third-World governance in his comments on the 12-year delay in the construction of the Vieux Fort housing development in St James. He quite correctly blamed the PNM for initiating the delay and pointed fingers at the PP administration for extending it.

It is not so because we “elect bad people into government.”

It is because our system of government is adversarial and lends itself to rejecting everything the other side does, however good the policy behind the project may have been.

The PNM administration refused to open the Biche High School because it was built by a UNC government. The PNM criticised the construction of the Piarco Airport because it was built by the UNC. That airport, with all the barbs thrown at it, remains in use today without any improvement by a PNM administration.

The PP government preferred to leave the Brian Lara Cricket Academy in Tarouba unfinished during its tenure because it was a PNM project. And the same Keith Rowley Government is now refusing to open the Couva Children’s Hospital because it was a flagship project of the PP government.

I hope Rowley has been listening to himself. He now has a good opportunity to correct this historical stupidity by opening the hospital without delay.

By doing this he would be walking the talk and setting a new paradigm for governance in TT.

HARRY PARTAP via e-mail


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