Disclose energy contracts, PM

THE EDITOR: Recently the government of Guyana pledged to be transparent in how it deals with its new-found oil wealth. As part of this transparency, it has publicised all the contracts signed with oil and gas companies including ExxonMobil.

Our Prime Minister has announced that he seeks to renegotiate TT’s existing contracts with the energy companies. I applaud him for this.

However, given that he is doing this on behalf of the public, I would ask that he makes available to the public both the existing and the new contracts so that we can see how our national wealth is being managed.

I hope these contracts will be freely released as the Guyanese have done and not hidden away under secrecy.

The simple fact is that we have no idea how we get money from oil and natural gas. The oil price rises but what does that translate to in terms of TT revenue?

If we are going to be asked to pay new taxes, to pay higher utility rates and to accept jobs cuts, then we deserve to know what is happening to the natural resources of our country.



"Disclose energy contracts, PM"

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