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Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Councillor: No report from Coastal Protection Unit


CEDROS councillor Shankar Teelucksingh has identified a yet-to-be-submitted report from the Coastal Protection Unit (CPU) about the level of erosion at Bamboo village, Cedros as key to determining the course of action for the seaside village.

Teelucksingh said the report is needed for the Siparia Regional Corporation to give its final report on the damage done to the houses and the road in Cedros due to coastal erosion. “There are many houses in the Cedros area that are under threat of being eroded away,” Teelucksingh said.

“At this point, a lot of people are visiting Bamboo Village to look at the damage done due to coastal erosion. The beaches have been blocked off as the shoreline is now littered with concrete slabs, the remains of trees and other debris,” Teelucksingh said.

Villagers who lost their houses due to the erosion were given temporary accommodation at Lake View Housing Settlement in Point Fortin by the State.

However, several families have lodged complaints about the sewer and drive-way leading to the units. Teelucksingh said contractors from the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) were on site on Monday to deal with the units’ plumbing.

He also observed that the eight families temporarily relocated to Lake View Development were yet to get counselling. “The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services should move to open a counselling centre close to Cedros and Point Fortin,” Teelucksingh advised, adding he has offered his office as a location to provide counselling services to affected villagers.

HDC managing director Brent Lyons had previously indicated that negotiations would begin with different agencies and private landowners to offer permanent resettlement for the villagers. Minister of Housing Randall Mitchell also previously said the licence to occupy is for a period of six months. “Within that time a position will be taken to Cabinet for the long term solution for the affected residents,” he said.

Chairman of the Siparia Regional Corporation Dr Glen Ramadharsingh said while the victims will survive the months in the Lake View housing development, they are all eager to go back to the Cedros community and rebuild their lives as they have strong familial roots with that community. “I hope the promised (land) allocation is delivered in time,” Ramadharsingh said.

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