Why run to media?

THE EDITOR: I have noted with great interest the report of an incident in the Parliament tea room on March 9. I am amazed that the Minister of Education was accused of using obscenities to Rudranath Indarsingh.

While I am not saying that Anthony Garcia is a saint, I find such behaviour as he is accused of totally out of character of the gentleman that many in education have come to know over the years.

However, what is more confusing to me is that Indarsingh “carried news” to the media. As far as I can gather from the reporting, the two men engaged in banter that apparently “hurt” Indarsingh’s feelings – to the extent that his only recourse was to complain to the media and to threaten a written report to the Speaker of the House.

What kind of behaviour is that? Most of all, what really brought Indarsingh to that point? Was it simple Trinidadian banter? Or was Indarsingh’s judgment impaired by the fact that the minister has been hinting at sabotage in the schools in Indarsingh’s constituency in which foreign objects were found in the clogged sewer lines?

Does Indarsingh know more about that matter than he is letting on? Why be so upset to the point of carrying news to the media about simple “fatigue” in the tea room and in which he participated?

Whatever the reason, I am totally unimpressed by Indarsingh’s accusations. He is not describing the person that thousands know. I am surprised too that in this day and age big men still run and tell.



"Why run to media?"

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