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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Penny praises President Weekes

President, Paula-Mae Weekes, meets and greets guests during the reception at NAPA. PHOTO SUREASH CHOLAI

Miss Universe 1977 Janelle Penny Commissiong has praised the new President Paula-Mae Weekes for her "fabulous" inaugural address which catered to everyone across the board.

“I think in terms of the gender issue because as a woman you cannot not notice or not comment on it. So at the end of the day you are chosen if you have the qualifications and not just the qualifications but if you are up to the job. So hopefully now right across the board once you have what it takes women will be judged along with everyone else.”

She said it was important that Weekes asked everyone to do their bit and that is important at this stage.

She was speaking with Newsday on Monday at a reception for Weekes held at the National Academy for the Performing Arts. Also in attendance at the reception was Justice Gillian Lucky who said Weekes was excellent in terms of the message she sent to all of us in Trinidad and Tobago.

“What stood out, in addition to Her Excellency pointing out we have to find the light where it exists in Trinidad and Tobago and become the light if necessary, is also her message that we are working as a team. Team Trinidad and Tobago. And it was a very inclusive speech and it calls for all of us to have that level of introspection and that level of determination that we can work as a team and get Trinidad and Tobago becoming the country that we want it to be.”

Coordinator of the Beetham Gardens Police Youth Club Sheila Prince said it was an awesome occasion and she felt the presence of God which was important for the new president. She said Weekes will not only represent women but represent the country well in terms of social issues.

“She spoke about corruption, she spoke about neglect, about you not working for what you supposed to earn, so I feel she sent a message to Trinidad and Tobago and I wish her well.”

Prince said she was happy there was a lot of children present as this was an occasion children should experience as it would make the dream and have goals.



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