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Wednesday 20 November 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Improving the road network

THE EDITOR: Over the years I have spent many hours driving on our roads, either for business or for pleasure, which got me thinking about how the Government can improve the road network in Trinidad to benefit all citizens.

Seeing the traffic pile-up on mornings on the flyover heading to the Barataria Roundabout and the Eastern Main Road gets me wondering why the flyover did not continue straight across to the Lady Young Road, allowing the necessary exits to the Eastern Main Road and the other roads.

And why does the traffic heading to Diego Martin, Westmoorings, Carenage, Chaguaramas have to go through Port of Spain? Surely the experts could design a new road bypassing the capital and directly to the West.

We need new roads throughout the country, whether on land or over the sea.

GERARD DUVAL, Petit Valley

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