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Saturday 21 July 2018
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Patrick wins sport challenge

Catherine Romain, Nalis executive director, left; Jalisa Patrick, winner of week one of the First Citizens and Nalis Trivia Challenge; Jenelle Holloway, project manager, First Citzens; Ann Browne-John, member, First Citizens Sports Foundation and Debbie Goodman, Nalis' manager corporate communications and chairperson of the First Citizens Sport Foundation and Nalis Steering Committee.

JALISA PATRICK is the first winner of the First Citizens Sports Foundation (FCSF) and Nalis Trivia Challenge. Patrick, 17, received a sports watch and bank account valued at $1,000 from First Citizens on March 14, at the National Library.

The challenge is an online sports quiz intended to foster an interest in research on topics related to sports in TT; increase knowledge of TT’s sporting personalities and their achievements, and sporting disciplines as well as create an appreciation for the accomplishments of these sports stars, said a media release.

The online trivia was launched on March 4 and continues until March 31. Questions are posted daily on the FCFS’s website at www.fcsportsfoundation.com. The weekly winner is selected randomly from among those who answered all the questions correctly in the week. Four winners will be selected for the duration of the competition.

The quiz is the second major activity hosted by Nalis and the FCSF since the two entities signed a memorandum of understanding in 2016.

The first activity was the mounting of an exhibition titled, Sports Stars at the National Library and at other public libraries across the country. The exhibition showcased memorabilia and photographs of the First Citizens Foundation Hall of Fame Inductees. Nalis is mandated to preserve TT’s Heritage information. In addition to books on sports, Nalis has acquired artefacts and memorabilia from a number of TT’s sporting heroes. The Lord Learie Constantine, Candice Scott, Jeffrey Stollmeyer, Gerald Ethridge Gomez, Gerry Gomez and the Oxford Club are among sporting collections available for viewing and research at the Heritage Library.


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