Juniors gather much at Music Festival

STRUM IT: Aaden Adams won the Miguela Gonzales trophy yesterday at the Music Festival in the Piano Solo (Juniors) at Queen’s Hall.
STRUM IT: Aaden Adams won the Miguela Gonzales trophy yesterday at the Music Festival in the Piano Solo (Juniors) at Queen’s Hall.


THE curtains came down yesterday on the Juniors section of the Music Festival and they indeed got the lion’s share of the trophies handed out.

Quite noticeably, Tobago won its fair share which proved additional weight for Caribbean Airlines flying to Tobago. South also won its share of trophies, as well as North.

However, there were impassioned pleas by officials from Scotia Bank, to corporate and other businesses for assistance to the Music Festival Association in its many offerings to the youths of the nation. What made it better for the sparse audience, was the return to the stage by chosen competitors who had gained very high marks during the Festival.

They included “Golden Hands” from the south. And believe or not, they sounded better than their actual performance last week. Then there was the rythmic Tassa group — best of the drummers — from the Naparima College — they having topped the drummers’ section. there was very rhythmic tassa playing, which easily won them the drummers’ classic.

The boys vocal trio came from Presentation College. Marked as the “most outstanding boys trio” from whom the audience heard about their travels with “Columbus and We.” They were voted the Most Outstanding Boys Vocal Ensemble.

One of the sad points at the function was the absence of the Tobago winners. They were unable to be present for the grand affair, probably due to the sea-bridge problems. As a result, the certificates and trophies were collected by possibly, a school teacher.

Another bright spark that could not be left out was the “Stuttering Pastor” from south and a tiny piano duet. who gave us such a thrill with their efficiency on the keys. Others included the Most Outstanding Piano solo (Junior) which included Zoe Webster from the south,, Aidan Arden from Tobago, the winner of the class.

Prior to the end of the session, a number of Scotia account cards were distributed to the youngsters, which could start them off on a Savings Account at the bank. Many of them returned home yesterday with trophies and so-called cheques.

The Adults Finale is scheduled for 5.30 pm today (sat) at Queen’s Hall.


"Juniors gather much at Music Festival"

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